There will be other things I write about here, too. Like general life stuff. There are things that will tie in, and I’ll be talking about them as I go along. Some of the projects are personal, and have a deeper purpose than just a hobby craft or something to keep me busy.

We have a son (currently 2.5 years old), who is on the autism spectrum, and a lot of what I do focuses on things that will help him, from sensory play to assistive devices that help with his routines and therapies. I’ll share a little more on that aspect of life, and sometimes even when it doesn’t have anything to do with a project I’m working on.

We’re also in the process of buying a house, and there will be plenty of projects on that, customizing the space, updating things, creating a workshop (hopefully), and general DIY things that come along with a house.

My projects are a part of my life, and my life is a part of my projects.