Welcome to the new Beard & Miter site. Mostly, this will be projects I’m working on or have completed, and some DIY stuff. But there will also be a personal side to things too. Not sure how much of that will be included just yet, but there will be some, because some of the projects will revolve around stuff that’s going on in the life of my family. More on that later.

One of my goals is to show what I’ve done in my garage “workshop” which is really just a mess of tools I’ve collected as I’ve needed them for various things. Someday I’ll have a real workshop that’s all organized and orderly.

Another goal is to show how I’ve done these things, in case anyone wants to try them themselves. While probably not as step-by-step as something like Instructables, hopefully it’ll help out a little bit. I’ll highlight the tools I use for each project, and any tips or tricks (or, most likely, mistakes) I’ve learned along the way.

Happy reading, and hope you find some of this stuff useful!